| Social Activities

We regularly support social projects in Nepal through sales revenues, such as the Apeiron womens project.

This project supports women and their children who experienced domestic abuse. They live together in a group and under therapeutical and medical care. They learn different skills in order to be able to provide for themselves and their children on an independent basis later on.
The project also enables children to visit a school. After their stay, the women also get support and always have a personal point of contact if they need one.

Another Apeiron project we support is the “Stonebreakers”- project. Many people earn their living through hard work. They receive the equivalent of one dollar a day by taking stones from a riverbed to smash them with a hammer. They live in sparsely huts with their families and are exposed to heat in the summer, the freezing cold in the winter as well as monsoon rains. With the donated funds, people receive medical care, children are allowed to go to school and people can earn an extra income by housing pigs.