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Singing bowls are our passion!

Klangschalen-Center GmbH | Traditionelle Klangschalen aus Nepal vom Direktimporteur in Aschaffenburg


We are fascinated by singing bowls and their varied sounds - for many years. It all began with a trip to Nepal more than 30 years ago. The idea to inspire the western world of the gentle sounds of the Himalayas was born, together with several singing bowls in the luggage on the way home.

Tibet and Nepal have a millennia-old culture and an exorbitant wealth of experience. Maybe you also feel inspired to delve into it a bit further.

We see it as our mission to connect these countries with a rich cultural heritage and our life here with the western culture, to generate synergies. We can learn a lot from the nepalese people and help them to get out of the poverty trap by introducing the western world to their skills and goods and by supporting important local and social projects.

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